Beautiful places I've been able to visit!



I have been to Italy four time and each time it was even more beautiful then before. Maybe it is the cobble stone streets or craft of the food or even just the beautiful sound of Italian words being shouted in excitement. Who really knows, maybe it is just another one of Italy's secrets. 



I recently traveled to Buffalo for the first time this past year and i fell in love with it. It was nothing like I ever expected, as I was engulfed in nature. Cold raindrops covered our trip along with a beautiful mist floating above the lake creating the perfect atmosphere to make art. 



Lebanon is truly where my heart belongs. I have family that live a whopping fourteen hour plane ride away in Tripoli, Lebanon. When exploring this gem you are greeted with warm smiles and beautiful textures. There is truly never a dull moment, in the cities, mountains or markets. I honestly wouldn't rather be anywhere else.