The Freedom in Creating


Often times many people don’t think about photographers getting burnt out. Every single day we get up, shoot a session, go home, edit that session and that is our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely without and doubt LOVE my job. But sometimes I need the freedom to create, to try new things and just explore. See what it is like to shoot in weird light or with different depths. Or shooting using different props or from different angles even. And believe me, you guys do not want me to experiment with crazy things on your session, I do not like to waste my client’s time! But that was what today was for, no stress, if something didn’t work out, that was okay. I went parking garage hunting with some of my close friends to location scout, experiment with bright light and play with details and depths. And that my friends, is where the magic started. Here are some images from that amazing day, I even got some pictures of myself, taken by my best friend, Brooks, the gorgeous girl with fiery hair.