Spooky, Scary Skeletons


I have always had a thing for cemeteries. I can't quite describe it, I am just comfortable there. I know that sounds very creepy and a good majority of people wouldn't be caught dead in one (pun intended!) but I seem to have a different outlook, a sense of calmness and inspiration washes over me while I glide through the rusted iron gates. So excitement is the biggest understatement of the century when I was asked by my best friend to take photographs of her and her boyfriend in the famous Oakland Cemetery, here in Atlanta. 


Brooks and I have very similar taste in all things spooky and dark; Brooks, making her way through the film industry has picked up some dark and moody elements along with a job at a horror film company; and me, well I am just creepy! As a young photographer, just starting out, I was fascinated with telling stories, horror stories to be exact. I loved taking pictures in black flowing dresses that gave off witchy vibes or that one time I made my friend, Grace, cover herself in fake blood, which I now refer to as the great bloody incident of 2015 after covering the carpet of my room in the fake blood. My friends and family are troopers to say the least!  


I began posting my creepy images online and honestly, the responses weren't great. Some said they were over dramatic, others were just plain concerned, which I can most definitely understand, looking back on those images. So I decided to turn my business around, I started photographing sunshine and rainbows and people constantly smiling and dancing around, which I love shooting so very much, but having said that, a big part of me is still longing for those darker and cryptic images. 


Brooks has always been my supporter when it comes to the darkness of my images. She is the model that is in just about all of my fine art images, which you can find in my gallery of images! She never once judged me for it and always would fire back with some even scarier ideas! Then one day she was talking about wanting pictures with her boyfriend, Cavan, which sparked my interest. 


Cavan is called a bat by most of his peers, which quite honestly fits his personality. He is one of the sweetest creatures around that hides beneath his long messy hair, which almost always covers over fifty percent of his face. Cavan typically wears all black and keeps to himself, and gives a strong resemblance to Cousin It from The Addams Family. Brooks wanted their session to be different, and really define them as a couple while also making Cavan as comfortable as possible. So she came to me with the genius idea to shoot in a cemetery, but also wanted me to have creative freedom. Her only request, shooting mostly in black and white, which I had already hoped she would want! I am shooting a wedding in Oakland Cemetry in less than a month so I decided it would be perfect to practice! 


Brooks and I got there a bit early and decided to explore the hollow grounds and come up with some shots to get. In that moment I remembered just how much I missed shooting this stuff, I had to keep going. Cavan arrived and we made our way through the cemetery posing with all the beautiful stone work and against pale teal doors with the paint peeling off. I was madly in love. 


We all had a wonderful time walking up and down the aisles of souls, reading off their names and asking questions about their lives. We were all fascinated and captivated with the amount of beautiful energy in the air. Walking away from the session I felt a new fire in my soul, a return to one of my passions, and I am so happy to share with you all the images I captured! Let me know what you think!