Fairies In The Grass


I have a strange connection with the fairies in the tall grass. There aren’t real fairies (of course) even though I still believe in them, but there are some wild creatures in this golden meadow of grass that pull me deeper and deeper into its world.

I get easily lost, I always have; as a child, my mother would fail miserably at our games of hide-and-seek, given the fact that I would always seem to find the most obscure places to hide that my parents didn’t even know were there. It was my speciality to get captured by the nooks and crannies of our beautiful world and constantly being on the hunt for new places to create in.



I blame this silly adventure on a ladybug.


I was in the middle of one of my portrait sessions when all of a sudden a ladybug flies onto the lens of my camera, distracting me from my subject. I carefully scoop him up to the safety of my fingertips and start to walk around to try and find a comfortable looking leaf for him to reside on.

The little red dot of wanderlust decided to leap from my hands and fly off into the distance where I looked up and saw, quite literally, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I ventured my way out into a sea of simmering tall grass, making sure to give my fingertips an experience just as wonderful as what my eyes were encountering, by letting my hands graze upon the textured surroundings.   

There was something so captivating about this one little spot. Maybe it was the way it seemed to never have been disturbed by man; maybe it was the little talks of the feral kittens at play in the curly weeds, or maybe it was the overwhelming freedom of being surrounded by nothing.  

We are all so caught up with the business of the world around us today. Don’t forget to let yourself explore and take a moment to find someplace truly magical.


Sabrina FattalComment