my story


Hey guys!

I am an Atlanta girl through and through who will take any plane tickets I can get my hands on.

I eat blackberries the way you should: by the carton; shop at Target until I cannot close the trunk of my car; I usually end up getting lost because I want to see what is down that random street I always pass on the way home; and don’t rat me out, but I go urban exploring wayyyy too much (for photography purposes.)

I have been taking pictures ever since my freshman year of high school, which makes it 7 years now, crazy right?


I will be the first to say that I am not for everyone; I believe in documenting, capturing real things in your life that come and go in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Let’s make something real. As someone who is personally very uncomfortable in front of the camera, I never want to make you feel awkward or stiff. This is about capturing you and your soul, who on earth would want to fake that?

- sabrina fattal


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